HP Officejet 2620 - Test fax setup

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Test fax setup

You can test your fax setup to check the status of the printer and to make sure it is set up correctly for

faxing. Perform this test after you have completed setting up the printer for faxing. The test does the


Tests the fax hardware

Verifies the correct type of phone cord is connected to the printer

Checks that the phone cord is plugged into the correct port

Checks for a dial tone

Tests the status of your phone line connection

Checks for an active phone line

The printer prints a report with the results of the test. If the test fails, review the report for information

on how to fix the problem and rerun the test.

To test fax setup via the printer control panel


Set up the printer for faxing according to your particular home or office setup instructions.


Make sure the ink cartridges are installed, and that full-size paper is loaded in the input tray

before starting the test.


From the Home screen on the printer display, press the Up and Down buttons to select Fax, and

then press OK.


Select Settings, select Advanced Settings, select Fax Setup Wizard, and then follow on-screen


The printer displays the status of the test on the display and prints a report.


Review the report.

If the test passes and you are still having problems faxing, check the fax settings listed in

the report to verify the settings are correct. A blank or incorrect fax setting can cause

problems faxing.

If the test fails, review the report for more information on how to fix any problems found.

134 Appendix B Additional fax setup