HP Officejet 2620 - Copy documents

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Copy documents

The Copy menu on the printer display allows you to easily start a black or color copy and select

number of copies. You can also easily change the copy settings, such as changing the paper type

and size, adjusting the darkness of the copy, and resizing the copy.

To make black or color copy


Load paper in the input tray.


Load the original print-side up in the ADF or print-side down on the right front corner of the

scanner glass.

For more information about loading the original, see

Load original on page 24



Select Copy from the Home screen on the printer display, and then press OK to access the

Copy menu.

If you do not see Copy on the printer display, press the Home button, and then press the Up and

Down buttons until you see Copy.


From the Copy menu, select Copies to increase or decrease the number of copies, and then

press OK to confirm.


Select Start Black Copy or Start Color Copy, and then press OK to make a black or color copy.

More copy features

While in the Copy menu, press the Up and Down buttons to select among settings.

Paper Type: Selects paper size and paper type. A plain paper setting will print in plain paper

normal print quality. A photo paper setting will print in photo paper best quality.

Resize: Controls the size of the image or document to be copied.

Actual Size: Makes a copy that is the same as the size of the original, but the margins of

the copied image may be clipped.

Fit to Page: Makes a copy that is centered with a white border around the edges. The

resized image is either enlarged or reduced to fit the size of the selected output paper.


The scanner glass must be clean to make sure the Fit to Page feature works


Custom Size: Allows you to increase the size of the image by selecting values greater than

100% or reduce the image size by selecting values less than 100%.

28 Chapter 5 Copy and scan


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ID Card Copy: Allows you to copy both sides of ID card.

Lighter / Darker: Adjusts the copy settings to make copies lighter or darker.


After two minutes of inactivity, the copy options will automatically return to the default

settings of plain paper A4 or 8.5 x 11 inches (depending on region).


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