HP Officejet 2620 - Reprint received faxes from memory

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Reprint received faxes from memory

The received faxes, which are not printed out, are stored in memory.


After the memory becomes full, the printer cannot receive the new fax until you print or

delete the faxes from memory. You might also want to delete the faxes in memory for security or

privacy purposes.

Depending on the sizes of the faxes in memory, you can reprint up to eight of the most recently

printed faxes, if they are still in memory. For example, you might need to reprint your faxes if you lost

the copy of your last printout.

To reprint faxes in memory from the printer control panel


Make sure you have paper loaded in the input tray. For more information, see

Load media

on page 20



From the Home screen on the printer display, press the Up and Down buttons to select Fax, and

then press OK.


Select Settings, and then select Reprint Missed Faxes.

The faxes are displayed in the reverse order from which they were received with the most

recently received fax first.


Select the fax you want to print, and then select Print.


If you want to stop reprinting the fax, select Cancel, and then press OK.