HP Officejet 2620 - Tips for working with ink cartridges

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Tips for working with ink cartridges

Use the following tips to work with ink cartridges:

To protect the ink cartridges from drying out, always turn the printer off using the On button, and

wait until the On button light goes out.

Do not open or untape ink cartridges until you are ready to install them. Leaving tape on the ink

cartridges reduces ink evaporation.

Insert the ink cartridges into the correct slots. Match the color and icon of each ink cartridge to

the color and icon for each slot. Make sure the ink cartridges snap into place.

After you insert new ink cartridges, align the printer for best print quality. See

Improve print

quality on page 74

for more information.

When the Estimated Ink Levels in the printer software shows one or both ink cartridges in a low

state, consider getting replacement cartridges to avoid possible printing delays. You do not need

to replace the ink cartridges until print quality becomes unacceptable. See

Replace ink

cartridges on page 59

for more information.

If you remove an ink cartridge from the printer for any reason, try to replace it again as soon as

possible. Outside of the printer, if unprotected, ink cartridges begin to dry out.


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